Pacific Logistics Group is an enterprise specializing in providing effective sea freight solutions with the lowest cost and fastest time.

Pacific Logistics Group offer retail consolidation (LCL) service at extremely competitive prices, thereby helping to increase profits for customers.

Pacific Logistics Group is proud to be the leading prestigious Logistics enterprise in Hai Phong, thereby building many good and long-term relationships with shipping lines such as MCC, ONE, WHL, MSC, CMA, OOCL, YML, Maersk, Evergreen, SITC, etc. Moreover, Pacific Logistics Group is also an enterprise with many close relationships with Customs that help saving costs, as well as saving maximum time for customers.

A team of professionals with many years of experience will surely give you the best service, transport and distribute your goods safely and effectively.

If you have any questions about freight, please contact Pacific Logistics Group immediately via email logistics@pacificlt.com or sales@pacificlt.com.


Pacific Logistics Group is proud to be the leading Logistics enterprise in Vietnam. Besides, Pacific Logistics Group is also an active member and has been awarded many prestigious awards from many domestics and international Logistics and Shipping Associations.

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