Pacific Logistics’ marine inspection service was born with the mission to bring peace of mind, the most accurate information about ships and goods carried on board.

Pacific Logistic Group inspectors with many years of experience, we are ready to meet most types and requirements in the field of marine inspection.

1. Preloading Survey
This is to confirm, at the time of loading, the condition of goods including packaging condition to see whether the condition of goods conforms to the terms of contracts or to confirm the state of cargoes at the time when the responsibility for the cargo is shifted from one party to another.

2. Hold Cleanliness Survey & Hose Test on Hatch Cover
Both are to confirm that prior to loading, the vessel’s cargo holds are sea worthiness i.e. can safely receive & keep the intended cargo during sea voyage.

3. Loading Stowage Survey
As it has often been experienced, faulty or improper cargo stowage endangers not only the cargo but also the ship. This is why recommendations and guidance provided by our highly experienced surveyors are necessary.

4. Draft Survey
A draft survey is a calculation of the weight of cargo loaded or unloaded to or from a ship from measurents of changes in its displacement. The technique is based on Archimedes’ principle.
It is an international commercial custom that the weight of traded quantities of those bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal, steel scarp, salt, etc. are determined by draft survey.

5. Damage Survey
When cargoes are damaged, it is necessary to estimate the extent of the damage and also to find out the cause of damage followed by the compensation procedures

6. On-Off Hire Survey
For the seek of settlement of charter party when it is ended, the on-off hire survey report is useful for ship owner & charterer to determine the condition of ship & its bunker at delivery points.
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Pacific Logistics Group is proud to be the leading Logistics enterprise in Vietnam. Besides, Pacific Logistics Group is also an active member and has been awarded many prestigious awards from many domestics and international Logistics and Shipping Associations.

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