Pacific Logistics Group is one of the leading trading, shipping & freight forwarders in Vietnam. Established in 2010, Pacific Logistics Group provides a full range of solutions in the field of domestic and international logistics. Along with accumulated experience as well as relationships are continuously expanded and strengthened, Pacific Logistics Group is committed to bringing domestic and foreign businesses the best service experience in the fastest time.

In addition, Pacific Logistics Group is one of the few Logistics Company in Vietnam that has been granted the FMC license (US Federal Maritime Commission) – a mandatory requirement for an enterprise to transport goods from Vietnam to The United States of America.

With the advantage of direct pricing with many shipping lines, along with experienced staff and a global network of agents, Pacific Logistics Group has the ability to optimize logistics costs from the production warehouse to the customer.

With a strict service quality management process and ready to meet customers’ requirements, we have created a reputation from partners and gained trust, becoming a strategic partner of many traditional customers.

Based on such a successful foundation, Pacific Logistics Group has continued to actively expand the trade of Clinker and Cement in both domestic and export markets with a competitive advantage compared to commercial units that have done since before. So what is the advantage of Pacific Logistics Group?


Cooperating with Pacific Logistics Group, customers have many choices of goods with many different sources, ensuring quality standards TCVN 7024: 2013 – for Clinker and PCB 30/40/PC50 Cement are produced at factories such as: Thanh Thang, Cong Thanh, Tan Thang, Vicem Hoang Mai, Nghi Son, Phu Tan, Thanh Cong 3, Quang Son…


Pacific Logistics Group can meet all packaging requirements of customers such as: bulk cargo, containerized goods or 40 kg/50 kg bags then packed in Jumbo/sling bags from 1-2 tons/bag to suit your needs. production/consumption needs of each customer in domestic as well as international markets.

Xi măng

In addition to the commercial development of mineral products, Pacific Logistics Group is aiming to expand and develop the export of many agricultural products in Vietnam, in which the strengths are cinnamon, anise, pepper, coffee, cashew … to contribute to promoting the brand of Vietnamese products in the world market.

According to statistics of the World Spices Association, Vietnam ranks third in the world in cinnamon production, second after China in star anise production. Anise cinnamon is strongly consumed in the markets of India, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, the US and European countries. Facing the trend of increasing demand for raw materials in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industries… and many free trade agreements signed, cinnamon and anise products in Vietnam have more motivation and opportunities to develop.


Vietnam cassia is mainly harvested in Yen Bai, Lao Cai. and Quang Nam province. Total area of cassia is now more than 150,000 hectares, accounting for 17% of the global cassia area. Vietnam’s cassia bark reserves are estimated at about 900,000 – 1,200,000 tons, with an average harvest of 70,000 – 80,000 tons/year


Star Anise

Star anise is a specialty of Lang Son province in Vietnam’s northern mountain region, it ripens in the fall. Anise is grown at an altitude of 200-600m, the average temperature is 18-22 degrees. Anise growing area in Vietnam is about 40,000 ha, mainly in Lang Son.


If you have any demand for Clinker/ Cement or agricultural products, please contact Pacific Logistics Group immediately by email [email protected] to receive the earliest quotation!


Pacific Logistics Group is proud to be the leading Logistics enterprise in Vietnam. Besides, Pacific Logistics Group is also an active member and has been awarded many prestigious awards from many domestics and international Logistics and Shipping Associations.

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